Follow – In collaboration with Dubai based artist Yes No Maybe, released under Zehn Records Elements 15 VA.
Reset – Together with Ben Haydie & Descend – Out on Soave Records.
Ibala – A collaboration with Bun Xapa and award winning vocalist afro-house vocalist Toshi. Out on Moojo’s Calamar Reccords.
Time. Featured as part of Einmusika’s best records of 2022 mixed by Einmusik.

Subdue. Released under Belgian label Tanzgemeinschaft’s latest VA – Hier Kommt Die Parade #3

This record aligns and goes with its meaning – to  ”overcome” and in all aspects of ones life.

Time. A collaboration by Zee Essential & Berlin based singer,songwriter,composer & producer Ben Haydie featured and released on the infamous Bella Mar 09 VA on Einmusika Recordings compiled by Einmusik.